Tech Volunteering

The Doctors Association for Relief and Education, is a volunteer organisation based in Hyderabad. They launched a free consulting program last week named “Second Opinion” that created quite a buzz in the social media. One can take an appointment with a specialist and consult with them about an upcoming medical ...
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Working for tech startups

Tech startups face lot of challenges in attracting and retaining talent. All the good talent is taken by big names and for the people who reluctantly agree to work with the startups, their dream is to “settle” in a big company. Hence, their focus is more on looking for opportunities ...
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Create – Your Career Launchpad

Graduates who came out of college (or maybe who came out 2 or 3 years earlier) and who desire to build a career in Technology, don't worry if you lost your chance to get into a job during Campus placements. You having a degree alone does not entitle you to ...
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